Ricardo van Loenen

Co-founder & CEO

Co-founder and former CEO of the largest startup campus in Europe, B. Building Business.

Rahel de Vriend
Co-Founder & COO

Has been overseeing the product and business development of the application from the very start at B. Building Business.

Andreas Creten

Already in the startup scene for over 10 years, raised over 50 million as interim CTO at different companies.

Andy Sim
CEO Singapore

Experienced senior executive, former VP digital innovation JustCo and director at companies such as Microsoft, Fujitsu and HP.

The founding team of Ū experienced multiple problems first hand while building and managing the largest startup ecosystem in Europe, B. Building Business, with three buildings of 64.000m2 and with 150.000 yearly visitors.

One thing we noticed, is the difficulty to manage and roll out new services. Every service we used, from e-bikes, room-booking systems to food and beverage cards, has its own database where all the users are managed. Every service has its own application users need to download. Every service has its own login, its own user experience. That made it hard for building managers like ourselves to roll-out new services and this decreases the use of the tools by our members. This was holding us back in the enrolment of new innovations and smart solutions.

The team tried to solve the problems above, by building its own app and platform. Soon we discovered that building such an app is very cost intesive, but the few options available on the market, were either extremely expensive, or impossible to implement. That’s why we decided to build Ū, for any building, anywhere in the world.